“In Light Of Recent Events…” — Episode 1

Agent Harrison recalls the events from nearly 30 years ago… an adventure that includes murder, and a search for a project that is worth millions of dollars! From George Kayaian comes the story of friendship and it’s ultimate test… Filmed in the mid 1980’s, the badly damaged VHS masters have been restored as much as possible, and are posted for the first time ever! This mini series will take you back into a time and place that no longer exist… and into a world where family is everything.

“The Stuff Of Nightmares…” — Episode 2

Jack is shattered by the death of his family and he begins to suffer nightmares. Then his friends worry about his sanity, as he claims to have been contacted by government agents! Meanwhile, Intellicept makes plans of it’s own, and it could spell the end of our heroes! From George Kayaian comes the epic soap opera filmed in the 80’s. Newly restored from damaged VHS masters, the saga can be seen as it was always intended!